Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday, or as Bonnie would say, birfday. Since my last, I have made an amazing four posts. I really am trying, I promise.

It's not even August 4th yet and folks have been especially celebratory this year. Church (notice I am referring to the body of Christ, not a building, Jonathan Y.) threw Felicia and I a little get-together at Horn in the West. Everyone is back in town, so it was an especially enjoyable event. Begrudgingly, Emily bore the duty of buying me dinner from Long John Silvers. Fish and chips, wee! Bonnie had a green cake made for me that had one of those edible photos. The image? A cat sleeping on a Mac! Amber, in all her post-honeymoon glow, gave me undies. Lacey ones. Felicia and I, should we choose, could parade around Boone in coordinating sleepies. It sure is nice to be loved.

It was a big day for the new apartment too. It had it's first visitor: the honorable J.A. Drake. Well, most of him is honorable. His facial hair was not welcomed. Then again, he didn't exactly welcome Bonnie's use of mascara. So I guess they're even.

Bonnie has something up her sleeve for tomorrow. Maybe I'll post what happens. Maybe not.


Blogger Jonathan said...

You never cease to make me laugh, Kate. I appreciate the nod. Felicia has already enjoyed her pj's. Hope you have too.

10:37 PM  
Blogger Jonathan Drake said...

I'm glad I can be considered 'mostly honorable'. I'll bear the 'dishonor' of facial hair proudly...

11:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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