With the exception of Wednesday, 8-7, this week has been astoundingly good. I haven't felt so swell in a long time. The weather has been horrible, but I haven't cared. I probably failed a astronomy test today, but I really don't mind. Papers are SLOWLY but steadily losing their terrifying-ness. I ain't sayin' I won't be down in the future, but I really feel like things have changed in ways I couldn't of even hoped for.

Jesus is exceedingly good to me. He's always got a few surprises up his sleeve. I wonder what's next?

MO ROCCA IS ON TV! HE GOT A HAIR CUT! I am not going to lie. He is hot. Like hot with multiple Ts. He should marry Rachel Harris. They would have cute, smart, funny kids. And they could get a bulk discount at LensCrafters.


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