Overheard from a conversation involving the Muchie Mart Cashier Lady: "He's up a creek with out a cigarette, honey."

On another note, I saw a boy in the elevator with pair of Paper Denims on. My first reaction was, "Why would a straight man spend that much on jeans?" My second reaction was, "I certainly wouldn't date him." I guess I'm a hypocrite. Go call Thom Yorke.

On another note, I dreamed about chocolate cake this afternoon. Not just any chocolate cake. Chocolate cake with caramel icing. Mmm. When I woke up, I really wanted some. I had to make due with the Mrs. Freshley's Creme Filled Chocolate Cupcakes. Tarnation . . . I just smelled French, I'm sorry, Freedom Fries. I want some of those too.

In closing, ask yourself, "How far is too far?" For Jason, that line is making girls cry. For Stuart, that line is somewhere near the gas station.


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