I'm tired but I can't sleep. I thought of two great names for bands: Bennie the Swindler and Brandish Thy Swords. Now that that is off my chest, I'll try to sleep.


Today was not such a great day.

Thankfully, Jesus knows it too and provides some encouragement. Namely, Stuart and this.


Sure, I miss Nashville, but I'd like to list a few reasons Boone ain't so bad after all.

1. There is a great coffee shop on my way to class.
2. I walk most everywhere.
3. The mountains are always beautiful . . . even on cloudy days.
4. I feel more stylish.
5. I feel smarter.
6. I have free time.
7. I have multiple friends.
8. My baby boy is 2 minutes away.

I envy John's decision to stop blogging. I love doing it, but most of the time I just can't think of anything to say.

The friendship group met Jason's lady friend this weekend. For the first time in my memory, Jason made no attempt to domineer the conversation. This Alisa is doing J quite a bit of good.