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Marge just pepper-sprayed Ralph on the Simpsons I'm watching. Ralph responded, "Even my boogers are spicy."


1. Do not post pictures of yourself and your cat on ratemykitten.com. Only cat pictures are allowed.
2. Do not order fresh-to-order lemonade. It will take a long time and you will like Coke just as well.
3. Do not use Comic Sans or Chalkboard for children-related graphics.
4. Do not wear any version of the "Life is full of choices . . ." shirt.
5. Do not refer to any drink as a "mocha." It is like ordering a "chocolate." (This rule also applies to store advertisments as well)

Those are all the rules I can come up with for the moment.


Same ole', same ole'. Running and shopping for bridesmaid dresses.

I found a big brown spider in my room AND under a leaf on my basil plant. I sucked the first one up with the vaccum and Allison smashed the second one with her shoe.

Today, well actually yesterday, KCRW played the new Sufjan Stevens single! I couldn't help but flick my fingers around. You can go to KCRW's website and listen to yesterday's show. Nick Harcourt, the host of Morning Becomes Eclectic, has the best voice. He had Martha Wainwright on the same show and I think I might get her album.

Time for Beauty and the Geek with Pocket.


No running equals no blogging. Let me tell you, skipping a day (or a weekend) is never ever a good idea. Ouch.

Senor Mortgage, also known as Stuart, walked past me today. He has green shoes for skateboarding. We chitted and chatted about all sorts of things, especially cats.

Pocket and I went to a wedding dress store and I got to try on bridesmaid dresses. Woe is me, strapless dress just don't look good.

Alisa stayed with me and Jean-o this weekend and she was such a funster.


Some one comment, please! I was derided during all those months of not posting. I'm posting now! Comment to encourage me to continue! It's positive reinforcement! Exclamation mark!

Yesterday was my first day of Pilates with Lauren and it was interesting. There are lots of things to do on equipment with such engmatic names as "The Reformer" and "The Cadillac." I just mostly wish I could have seen John during his Pilates lesson. John=not stretchable.

Today will be my second day at Kilwin's. Every time you work you can have one cup of ice cream. They have a special little freezer that blasts it with really cold air so it won't melt for a long time. My goal is to take home every flavor they make. Even though I'm not on it, I was informed by another employee that there is a Kilwin's club on Face Book.


Today was a day of little kids.

This afternoon, Andrew (of Espresso News) and I Double Dutched with this smart little kid named Drew. He was quite a determined boy. Drew wanted to try all the possible ways there were to Double Dutch, even the ways that were impossible. He's the owner of Espresso News's kid and it was just too dang cute to see them jumprope together.

This evening, I had my first shift at Kilwin's (an ice cream/candy/fudge store in Blowing Rock) and kids were plentiful. It's pretty enjoyable to see a little kid's face when you tell them that they can have a free sample of fudge, any kind they want. There was this one two-year old in particular that went up to his mom, hugged her, and said "Thank you for bringing me to this place" like he was thanking her for donating a heart. It was just too cute. Even his dad looked at me with a face that said, "Was that not the cutest thing you have ever seen, because it was the cutest thing I've ever seen."


I think I was passed the music baton by Alisa. I think. If I answered the questions tomorrow, I'm sure my answers would be totally different.

Amount of music on your computer?

If any one can beat this, I will give them a prize: 12 songs, 46.2 minutes, 42.8 MB. I deleted all the music off my computer to help Illustrator do it's job better.

Currently listening to?

Nothing. Earlier today, I heard Tim O'Brien and Darroll Scottt's "Walk Beside Me" on 92.9. I sang along. Normally, I listen to KCRW through itunes.

Five songs that mean a lot to you?

"Leave it Up to You," Jill Phillips. Way more poppy Christian than I usually listen to, but its nice little comforting song.

"The Dress Looks Nice on You," Sufjan Stevens. Just a quiet song of appreciation. Or love. Or something.

"The Upper Pennisula," Sufjan Stevens. Poverty, loss, divorce, death. All the ingredients for a really, really sad song.

"Come Pick Me Up," Ryan Adams. Yeah, so it's a flawed song. It's still an accurate account of longing.

"Wedding Dress," Derek Webb. Obviously, we are the bride and we betray Jesus. Nice summation how lost we are and how far Jesus goes to find us.

Top five albums?

"Insignificance," Jim O'Rourke

"Riot on an Empty Street," Kings of Convience

"Greetings from Michigan," Sufjan Stevens

"What You Whispered," David Wilcox

"Hell Among the Yearlings," Gillian Welch

Last album bought?

I have no idea. I am notorious fo not getting new music. Maybe "Quiet is the New Loud," Kings of Convience?

Recent discoveries?

Telepopmusik. "Angel Milk," their new album, comes to the US soon. They get alot of comparison's with Air and their music's pretty popular sounding, but they have such great orchestrations.

I am not going to pass the baton.


Woosters! What a long day.

Daddy and I left Greensboro around 4:30 AM and didn't finish setting up the stage until 3. I know it's rude to say, but there are just some people who were not made to make decisions. It took 4 hours to put the stage up and it normally only takes 1. Needless to say, we were not responsible for the delay.

Afterwards, Ikea was our goal. We decided to go to the College Park, MD one and Mapquest said it would take 38 minutes to get there. Daddy also decided that today was the day I was going to get used to the dually. Therefore, my first dually experience took place in Friday-5 PM-Washington traffic. I almost cried. Daddy didn't help. After 2 hours of hellish rush hour(s), my Daddy said he was proud of how well I did. He sure is hard to pin down.

Re-reading my post, I feel like something isn't getting across. As much as I complain, Jesus has always been and is being incredibly good to me. My posts should show that more.

Hampton Inn's cable television is calling my name . . .


Rain, rain, rain.

Tomorrow I'm going to South Riding, VA (outside of DC) with my Pappa. We will stage-a-saur for a bit and then see what IKEA and Washington have to offer.

It looks like I'll be working at Kilwin's, home of the Petoski (sp?) stone. Starting Monday, come by and see me in my khaki skirt or pants. I'll give you extra sprinkles, I promise.


Hmm. Rain was a popular choice today.

Allison and I went to go look at a couch at someone's house.

Jesus is kindly.