Currently, I am writing a paper that connects Aristotle's Rhetoric and typography. For English 1000. I guess I miss Vanderbilt.


Little was done today. I bought a plant or three with my mommy and sent her on her way back to Greensboro.

Tonight, Allison and I went to Double Dutch. It was not as enjoyable as usual. The boys decided to play Wall Ball, a game Pocket and I were not talented enough to play. Harry was there though, which was a happy surprise. He mastered Double Dutch quite quickly and had no problem participating in Wall Ball.



The day started with a delightful breakfast at Ye' Ole' Slammer Hostel. I remarked to my mom that the only thing that could make the meal perfect would be little cat to sit at our table. Sure enough, the lady next to us brought with her a one week old black kitten.

While there I saw Double Dutchers, being both employees and customers. For those that don't know, a group of folks get together every Monday at Espresso News to Double Dutch. That's right, Double Dutch, the past time of six-year-old inner-city children. On "the dance floor," as it is known, the hipsters of Boone unite. Well, the hipsters and me. I stick out like a sore thumb. When the apple juice bottles full of cranberry juice and vodka are passed around, I politely decline and continue to turn the rope. It's lucky I have acquired the talent of turning the rope, or else I might get kicked out. Awkwardly, the Double Dutchers, or DDs as I will now refer to them, work all around Boone. When I see them, I know they recognize me, but I'm not sure if I am a true part of the DD team. Therefore, I scurry away.

I am a wise old owl. Hooooooot. Hooooooooot.


Little Jean-o and I are sitting in Espresso News, enjoying the lovely day provided by Old Man Winter's arrest. We've visited the Parkway, Blowing Rock, and A PET ADOPTION FAIR. There was a little white kitten there. Oh, little kitty.

It appears that of all the places I've applied, only TCBY is willing to hire me. That's just a little blow to the ego. I think I might just work for my daddy's stage company for the summer. As my blog is titled, I'll just have to wait and see.

Poor Tepeyaya (Lauren Farrington for those not in the know). She has to work like a little solider from sun up to sun down. Hopefully, she get a break soon.


It has been a good day, but there is little to write about.

Pocket and I saw Andrew (of Espresso News fame) at Our Daily Bread and he shared with us news perhaps we would have been better off without. Then we went to the Candy Barrels at Mast General.

Jean-o is coming to see me today!

OOH! THEY MAKE MINIATURE CATS! For instance, my kitty's breed, manx, comes in miniature and they are called minx. Investigate it on the world wide web. Miniature persians are especially small and strange looking.

Pocket and I went to go see Gertsley, the advertised dog at Hammer Gallery. It was one of the smallest, nervous dogs I have ever seen. On our way out, we saw a kitty next door! A beautiful grey shorthaired british cat. It was surely not a purchase from the SPCA.


Allison and I went to Greensboro yesterday, intending to stay only a few hours, but ending up spending the night. We went out for a lovely dinner with Little Jean-o and all watched Lost/American Idol together. Other than Penelope bitting my hand viciously, a grand ole' time, a high flying time was had by all.

This morning Pocket and I drove back to Boonetown and had a really great, really long discussion. Josh McDevitt, watch out, you are going to get a blessing of a wife. The Lord sure knew what he was doing by bringing Allison into both our lives.

Meow says the shower always after running (and walking).


Since I ran yesterday, even though it was cold, I refuse to run today. Old Man Winter is a codgy dodger and I am boycotting his stupid season.

Right now, Allison is seranading me on my mandolin, substituting her own sounds for the sounds that should come out of the mandolin. Thus far she has covered two Nickel Creek songs, sort of. Oh wait, Allison is now dancing like a robot to "Big Pimpin"' OH MY GOODNESS. The Harlem Shake was never meant to be performed like this. Words cannot describe what is occuring right now. (Dance party continues for most Jay-Z/Lincoln Park CD)

Now that the dance party is over. I'll continue to my entry.

I'm a snob. I have to admit it. In my writing class, we can pick any topic we want to write about, as long as we write about it for the whole semester. The topics some people have chosen just baffle me. Come on folks, the days of Metallica and Nirvana are over. I guess I shouldn't really judge though. After all, my topic is fonts.



I went to class for real real today and it was pretty ok, besides the galeforce winds. It looks like it will be a good first semester in English 1000. My professor is really into basketball and The Simpsons, which is a combination I am not familiar with. In class, we had to interview another student and the boy I interviewed hasn't purchased a CD since the 6th grade. That makes my several month-long CD purchase lapse not so embarrassing. Speaking of CDs, Sufjan Stevens is releasing an album about Illinois at the beginning of July! I've heard it described as music you would expect to hear it the Hall of Presidents at Disneyworld, which I am still not sure is a good thing or a bad thing.

On the way back, I saw Baby Boy Brett's sunburned face. He went out of his way to speak to me, which I thought was very nice of him. I hope his Olan Mills intership is going well. Being the Vice Intern of New Pose Development must be a chore.

Today is Day 4 of my running adventure. Is it a cop out not to run because of death-like winds?

I give my salute to Jesus . . . and Illinois!


I am such a good girl. Today was the first day of summer school, so I made sure to get up a little early. Lateness is not a virtue, so my outfit was already laid out and I kept my cell phone close by to keep track of the time. I painfully made my way to class (I've decided to take up running/walking) and arrived a few minutes early. Strange thing was the room was locked . . . and I hadn't seen any students on the way to class. Turns out, today is not the first day of summer school. That title would be reserved for tomorrow. Hoorah for me.


Obviously, Mr. Blog is under construction.


I love my cat. Meow, meow, meow. She's a little treatasaur.

Today, I ate ice cream for breakfast, which is a very Lauren Farrington move.

Yesterday, I went on a grand tour of Boone in search of a job. After giving my resume to nine different stores, hopefully one of them will work out. So far, I've gotten one job and two interviews. Boone was cold! When will spring finally come?

Alisa, Jason's girlfriend, came into town this weekend and I was treated to their company. They gave me presents for no reason! We went to the Parisian Promenade at the Bicentenial Gardens in Greensboro and saw many cute babies, many cute puppies, and one not-so-cute lady who could not keep her clothes on. Oh, we also met an old man who lied to Alisa and told her she couldn't have a balloon hat. I'm very thankful that they decided to some see me.

Wednesday night I head back up to Boone for the summer. Good-bye Penelope! Good-bye Jean-o! Hello Pocket!


ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Phoenix played this year at Vanderbilt's Rites of Spring Festival . . . and they weren't even the headliners!