I'm the birthday, I'm the birthday, I'm the birthday boy or girl!

This evening was my twenty-first birthday and I celebrated with my Ma and Pa at M'Couls. I explained to the bartender that I was one of the five people in the world that actually had not had alcohol before they were legally of age. He gave me a sampling of his goods and a plastic shot glass on a string. Before my fish and chips arrived, Stella Artois, Hoegaarten, and Newcastle had been tasted and I choose Newcastle as my inaugeral birthday drink. When my empty plate was removed, 7/8 of the Newcastle remained. It looks like it will take me quite awhile to acquire a taste for beer.

Or perhaps I will never acquire a taste for beer. My mom had her first beer in a decade tonight and consequently the entire Reece family had to take a walk around downtown Greensboro so she could feel safe driving her car.

Now I am at Jason's new home and we, being the geeks we are, are not interacting with each other at all. Rather, our attention is directed at our computers. Go Illustrator!

I'd say it's been a good birthday. I can't wait for next year's.