Random Couple of the Week:

Paul Adelstein (Agent Paul Kellerman of Prison Break) and Liza Weil (Paris Geller of Gilmore Girls) recently got married.

Paris Geller

Paul Kellerman


Whenever someone tells me I look like someone famous, 90% of the time it's Anne Frank. Today, I am channeling my inner Anne Frank. I look like a 13-year-old girl that spends every second of every day inside. Among other things, I am actually wearing my mom's grey sweater, size L, and red opaque tights. I could totally fit in at a Belle and Sebastian concert.

I'm in Greensboro for the week, and I had forgotten how much I love the city. It's just so cute. Especially downtown. I'm at the Green Bean right now and there are so many people walking around. Speaking of The Green Bean, they're showing a preview of This American Life, the new TV version, this Thursday. Wee! I think Jason and Alisa should go with me. Lauren, too. Come on, you can Tivo the recycled Offices. And later invite me over to watch them with you.

Also, I'm going to East Asia in May! With my mom and Betty Taylor! I'm actually excited about it. In my interview, I talked the poor girls ear off about design, economics, morality and how they affect each other.

I love my daddy.


God bless YouTube.

Even though we are star-crossed lovers, I can still feel embarrassed for John Krasinski for this fine appearance on CSI.