Reason #95 That I Wish Jim Halpert Really Existed
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We know who Anna Nicole's babydaddy is! Larry Birkhead!

Justin Helms and I have been waiting for this revelation for just about forever.


Three post in one day and still no sign of a finished review.

It's common knowledge that, in my book, no Mac equals no marriage potential.

Now I can officially marry John Krasinski. Not only is he the voice in the new appletv commercials, he's a Mac owner too.
Now I'm only mini-procrastinating.

My computer chose to shut down itself down and I lost a lot of my review. Remember children, Apple-S often.

Some random boy at Espresso News gave me an origami flower! It could be a smallpox-covered flower for all I care. How nice!

Also in this weeks news, I am wearing my first pair of green shoes. GREEN! SHINY! FLATS! WITH UBER TOE AND SIDE OF FOOT CLEAVAGE!

Right now, I should be writing a review of U&lc: influencing design and typography by John Berry for my graphic design history class. Instead, I'm updating my blog. That's usually how it happens. The only time I write a post is when I am procrastinating.

I've gotten into the habit of exclusively listening to an album or two for months at a time. If that wasn't bad, or good, enough (I haven't decided which it is), they are usually albums I've had for years. The last one was Fiona Apple's Tidal (which I purchased in 6th or 7th grade, 10 years ago). I just haven't been buying anything.

Well, in the last week, I've purchased two albums: Spoon's Gimme Fiction and Arcade Fire's Neon Bible. I could only go into Starbucks so many times before I was forced to get the Spoon. Gimme Fiction is good, but it was eclipsed by the acquisition of Neon Bible.

Neon Bible
is amazing! The packaging is terrifying! I listened to it in my car, a car with brokie speakers and it was fantastic. I've finally starting listening to it through my ipod and it is extra super dooper fantastic. So many layers! Even a thunderstorm! Go get it. It's the only album I've recommended in years.


I've yet to see 300. It is on my priority list.

From the previews, however, it seems like it lacks just one thing: kitties.

Good thing someone though to take care of that.