When I feel out of control, I clean my room. Today, I cleaned my room for 5 hours.

This evening, while eating at Bread and Co., Sudi announced, "John Mayer is a pimp." Good. quiet, little Sudi said that.

Cabin Waltz is currently playing on my itunes. I really like it. It's sad. It's simple. It's good.

Walking by the University Club tonight, I saw a great old car that was waiting for the bride and groom to leave the wedding reception that was there. I pulled out my camera to take a picture and discovered my battery was dead. I've been carrying around this camera for months and have yet to take a picture. The opportunity comes up and the camera doesn't work. There's got to be some great symbolism there.

I got a drink out the drink machine. I though I pushed the button for Sprite. Instead, I pushed the button for Diet Sprite. I don't like Diet Sprite. There's got to be some great symbolism there too.

In 7 minutes, Austin City Limits will be on. I hope it is a good one. In other words, I hope it is not String Cheese Incident.


There is lots of school to be done.

My stomach feels bad.

I will have a dance party soon.


I have a new obsession. Car makeover shows. Pimp My Ride. Overhaulin'. I don't know why I like them so much. I don't want anyone to change my car like that. But it's just so great to watch other people's cars get all dolled up. And the owners like it so much.

I will never ever swim a major body of water like the English Channel or the Bering Strait.

I am sleepy.


Doot doot doot . . . doot doot doot.

Well, I'd be a liar if I said my weekend wasn't great. It was great! Do you hear me? GREAT! I am so thankful to have someone who allows me to physically fight them.

Stuart and I have officially reached the point in our relationship that all couples long for. Yes, Stuart is now comfortable enough around me to poot poot poot with freedom. I'm thinking of starting a support group for girlfriends in relationships that have reached such a point. Give me a call, Lauren.

I also watched "The Station Agent" this weekend in the cinema on campus. I was one of four students there (it was mostly people 50 or over). It was a nice, quiet movie. I'd say it was more of a character study than a movie. The lead character is a little person. I was impressed by the way the film treated him. Twenty minutes into the movie, you forgot he was a little person. I thought that was a testament to what a great movie it was.

Today, April 13, it SNOWED in Nashville. Not just a little sprinkle. A entire downpour of snow. I would also like to add that Thursday's high is 70.

Perhaps due to this snow, I took a nap around 12:40. I awoke at 4:02, missing my german class and workstudy. I am such a sleepy person.


Qdoba burritos are great. And by that I mean they are better than McDonald's, not as good as Chez Joes. They are also huge. Currently, a huge Qdoba burrito resides in my belly. Sleep calls to me for this very reason. I will, however, right this urge, as a home makeover show is on the television and I cannot deny it's power to keep me awake.

Big things are going down this weekend. I'm going to sleep. I'm going to wake. I'm going to eat. Oh, and Stuart is coming. I don't care that Stuart is coming AT ALL. In fact, I don't even know someone named Stuart Clark. If I did know someone by that name (I don't, but if I did), I would NEVER EVER date him. Ever.

Okay computer, I'm going to wash some clothes.


Well, well, well . . .

Yesterday was fantastic. Friends are fun. I should remember that. Sudi and I went for Starbucks and discussed things that brought out giggle or two. Sudi's great fun. She's going to India this summer to work with the those that have HIV/AIDS and those that at risk to be infected. I think it's just so great that God creates a 5 billion different kinds of folks, each with a distinct purpose. She's very interested in infectous diseases and has a real heart for those that have them. I might think it's something that needs to be addressed, but God did not equip me with the heart or the skills to attack the problem. It's cool to know someone who He did give the appropriate abilities to do something about it.

My time at Vanderbilt is officially ending. I spoke with the dean to make sure there weren't any options available to me, and . . . there aren't. So new life, somewhere else, here I come. Wow. Nashville is such a great place. I really hope I don't cry when I leave.

If I go somewhere cheaper, I best watch myself. I've already started looking at used Jetta TDI's. Danger, danger. So a new car might not be in the plan, but it will be great to be able to go to Target and AFFORD things. Things that aren't on sale.

Grocery store might be a good idea. Currently, I have a plastic bag with three grapes inside. That's it.

Have you seen the new Sprint commercial with the sock stealing man? It's really great. REALLY.

I'm off to go figure out where Jupiter is in the sky.

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Greetings from sunny Nashville!

Despite the chilly winds that blow, the weather is quite fantastic here today. It's enough to make a girl go read her Faulkner. I will hopefully be that girl today.

I just love my church. If I go to App next year, it will be greatly missed.

For lunch, I had some fantastic reheated Pad Thai. If food is still quality after reheating, it's a sign of an exceptional dish.

Speaking of lunch, Stuart, his dad, and my mom went to lunch today. I think it's kinda funny ("kinda funny" as in curious, not "kinda funny" as in annoying) that my mom sees more of Stuart than I do. I'm gonna have to school him in the value of Stamey's and other traditionally "white trash" establishments. You hear that Stuart? We're going to eat at Stamey's every dang day this summer. Everyday!

Only three more weeks of school. Weeooweeooweeoo!

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