Except from an actual conversation that took place on Father's Day:

(Kate sees pumpkin cutting supplies on Daddy's couch)

Kate: Are you going to cut a pumpkin?

(Hard of hearing Daddy quizically looks at Kate)

Daddy: Am going to cut and paste McGuiness?

Who knew aging could be so fun?

Forecast for Next Post: I'm Having a Baby


I started this great, insightful post about the ridiculous rational of keeping things as they are, despite the inconvenience or harm it causes. Somehow, it is argued that upsetting the present state of things in order to create something better will actually bring disaster to the very people it helps.

Instead, I would like to announce the following:

I purchased a teensy grey hoodie sweatshirt for my iPod.


My spell czcech thinks the word "iPod" shoud be "wiped".