Currently, I am sitting in my Jean-appointed room, listening to the sounds of : the dryer, the washer, the dish washer, and my keyboard. The apartment smells like steak and burnt cookies. As you well know, I've never been one to procrastinate. Nonetheless, it is what I find myself doing. I have no motivation to write a paper concerning the Epic of Gilgamesh. I will therefore try to prime my writing pathways by creating a post.

I continue to enjoy the rooming situation Jesus has provided me. Allison is just such a darn good roommate. That reminds me that I should start figuring out my living plans for next year.

I am feeling a bit out of control, so I hope to devote this evening to making lots of lists. Despite the fact that I rarely do much of what is on the lists, it makes me feel better.

Hmm. I am glad that Jon Nangle will be visiting Appalachian.

I like Stuart.

The temptation to buy Mighty Leaf tea by the box is getting harder for me to resist.

I would like to apologize to the three folks who read my blog. I'm just too boring to write anything.