The Reece-Rocca wedding scheduled for Tuesday is cancelled. I apologize to those that have already purchased gifts.

Well, I'd be remiss if I didn't alter my blog a bit. For some crazy reason, I thought Stuart wouldn't approve of me mentioning such things, so I tried to be subtle about it. I was wrong wrong wrong, so:

Stuart Clark is dating someone! That someone is me! WEEOOWEEOOWEEOO! May I say it again? I think I may!
What a wonderful wonderful wonderful day!

I feel that patrotic songs are in order.

Thank you, Jesus.


I prayed last night that God would clearly show me whether or not I should go to my first class today at 10:00, since I didn't finish the paper that was due. I woke up at 10:50. I think thats a pretty good sign of "No."
Well, well, well. : )



MO ROCCA IS SPEAKING AT VANDERBILT ON MONDAY! (Expect wedding invitations no later than Tuesday evening.)



My pirate name is Mad Dog Cash.

Find out yours.
i am still running
i am still running
running from the knowledge
that eye, that love
i am still running
running from the knowledge
from which there's no refuge

for you meant only love and love
and I felt only fear and pain
so once in israel love came
and we were all afraid


It looks like I might go to China this June with my mom and Westover. Random. To teach English. Even more random.

I rode around town today and listened to eastmountainsouth. It is really really a great CD. It would have been the perfect soundtrack to my life a year ago. Luckily (I think), it's not quite as applicable. I am still trying to decide this is a good thing.
There is something vaguely depressing about doing astronomy work at 11:00 on a Friday night.

I bought the eastmountainsouth CD this evening. I really like it. It's a nice, bittersweet CD. It's also a little bit girly (i.e. sentimental) but the three boys I know are girly so they probably won't notice. I don't believe they (ems, not the boys)are "Christians,"(per se, mathmatically . . .) but their stuff has Jesus-tint to it.

I don't remember praying for patience but I'm learning it anyway. I think that's one of the first jokes you learn as Christian: Never pray for patience. Funny Christians need to stand up and make new jokes. The current batch needs help.

I better watch what I say. This CD is making me too loose-lipped. And everybody knows loose-lips sink ships.


I purchased a smoothie at school today. It made me long for the land of Juice Shop and the Razz-ma-tazz.

So I had a paper due Monday that definitely still hasn't been handed in. I was extremely discouraged about it yesterday as visions of expulsion danced in my head. I just knew not handing this paper in would result in me failing the class, something I can't do since I'm academic probation for the last W class I failed. Well, I go talk to the prof today and she extends my deadline to FRIDAY. Why do I keep doubting that Jesus won't pull me through? Next time I complain about papers, please remind me of this.

I love my mommy.

A definition for you to ponder:

pollex (n.): a selectively spatial term facing much internal, arbitary compation from amphibian specimen


I can feel the sun beating on my face
And my feet are covered with the burning sand
My Garden of Eden has been replaced
By the drought that comes with the desert land

No fruit trees and no river bends
You can walk miles and see no sign of life
But I still believe this drought will end
Even if there are no clouds in sight

Like a hard rain, in a dry town
You bring life to, this dead ground
And You are hope for this run down
Old dry town

Sometimes I run so far from you
Sometimes I trade my joy for pain
Sometimes I know what I should do
But to follow through I need your strength


I updated my Webshots. Sorry, Mandy and Lauren. There were many great pictures of you two. I just happened to be in them too so you won't find them posted.

David Wilcox is so great. I'm listening to "Hold it Up to the Light." He has been given such an ability to express Truth.

You knew this day long before You made me out of dirt . . .


Would it be so bad if I just dropped out? I could make good money kicking Jason out of his job.

The weekend home was great. While there, I:

. . . learned with Lauren that advice given by employees of Payless Shoes is not to be trusted.
. . . was made a paper flower by John that I have begged for for a year
. . . had a rockin' good time with rockin' Todd and Mandy
. . . experienced the pain of rejection when Jason would not accept my cookies
. . . discovered what happens when all the fog Jesus ever made descends on to the grounds of Colfax Elementary and Stuart's car

Someone once said that Spring Break is only a month away. I am choosing to believe this.


I go home
It's less than a

I get to ride in a plane. I get to have my make up done. Could this weekend get any better? Oh, and I get to see Mommy and Daddy and Lauren and John and Stuart and Jason.

I have four ipod minis. They are made of paper.

If anyone ever wanted to make me something for Valentine's Day, construction paper flowers would be nice. There is a tickle in my throat. Cough. John. Cough. Cough.


I had an excellent day.

I can't wait to be home.


Overheard from a conversation involving the Muchie Mart Cashier Lady: "He's up a creek with out a cigarette, honey."

On another note, I saw a boy in the elevator with pair of Paper Denims on. My first reaction was, "Why would a straight man spend that much on jeans?" My second reaction was, "I certainly wouldn't date him." I guess I'm a hypocrite. Go call Thom Yorke.

On another note, I dreamed about chocolate cake this afternoon. Not just any chocolate cake. Chocolate cake with caramel icing. Mmm. When I woke up, I really wanted some. I had to make due with the Mrs. Freshley's Creme Filled Chocolate Cupcakes. Tarnation . . . I just smelled French, I'm sorry, Freedom Fries. I want some of those too.

In closing, ask yourself, "How far is too far?" For Jason, that line is making girls cry. For Stuart, that line is somewhere near the gas station.
Your love is extravagant . . .


With the exception of Wednesday, 8-7, this week has been astoundingly good. I haven't felt so swell in a long time. The weather has been horrible, but I haven't cared. I probably failed a astronomy test today, but I really don't mind. Papers are SLOWLY but steadily losing their terrifying-ness. I ain't sayin' I won't be down in the future, but I really feel like things have changed in ways I couldn't of even hoped for.

Jesus is exceedingly good to me. He's always got a few surprises up his sleeve. I wonder what's next?

MO ROCCA IS ON TV! HE GOT A HAIR CUT! I am not going to lie. He is hot. Like hot with multiple Ts. He should marry Rachel Harris. They would have cute, smart, funny kids. And they could get a bulk discount at LensCrafters.


Let me share with you a fantastic little passage from my current reading, Dracula. To set the scene, a psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Steward is observing his patient, Renfield.

"19 July. -- We are progressing. My friend has now a whole colony of sparrows, and his flies and spiders are almost obliterated. When I came in he ran to me and said he wanted to ask me a great favor -- a very, very great favor; and as he spoke he fawned on me like a dog. I asked him what it was, and he said, with a sort of rapture in his voice and bearing: --

'A kitten, a nice little, sleek, playful kitten, that I can play with, and teach, and feed -- and feed -- and feed!' I was not unpreparedfor this request, for I had noticed how his pets went on increasing in size and vivacity, but I did not care that his pretty family of sparrows should be wiped out in the same manner as the flies and the spiders, so I said that I would see abou it, and asked him if he would not rather have a cat than a kitten. his eagerness betrayed him as he answered: --

'Oh yes, I would like a cat! I only asked for a kitten lest you should refuse me a cat. No one would refuse me a kitten, would they?' I shook my head, and said that at present I feared it would not be possible, but that I would see about it. His face fell, and I could see a warning of danger in it, for there was a sudden fierce, sidelong look which meant killing. The man is an undeveloped homicidal maniac. I shall test him with his present craving and see how it will work out; then I shall know more."

Is this my future?


What a crazy rollercoaster day. It was horrible and fantastic all at the same time.

This morning was miserable. It was all I could do not to run out of class and keep on going. Most things that should bother me, like money to pay for school, don't. But the things that do, mostly things that make me feel like a failure as a person, hit me hard. At school, its virtually impossible not to feel that way most of the time. Ask anybody! I'm not quite so melancholy at home!

Of course, I called my mommy and she turned me 'round. And I talked to Jason about why I'm so great. And lab got cancelled after an hour and a half. So now I'm singing . . . HALLELUJAH! Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!

I am like a crazy durtuken. I get so wrapped up in the emotion of the bad moments that I can't remember the 8 million good ones. I hope when I'm 29, I can look back and see how much I've grown in that area.

I love Waterdeep.


Well, Good Lord. Literally.

It's only 11:41 but I'd like to go ahead and declare it a great day.

For starters (or first breakfast), I woke up to a delightful little message left by Stuart. He is surprising, that boy.

Next (or elevensies), I went to English class. We had a paper due today. I tried to start it and I tried to finish it, but I basically got nothing done. I was not feeling so great, because its the first essay I've tried to write since the paper and I was really bothered by the fact that I couldn't finish it. I figure all my Jesus-Gets-You-Out-Of-Jail-For-Free cards got used up my last full semester. I show up for class and the teacher announces, "I hope you all got my email last night, but if you didn't, the paper isn't due until Wednesday due to the Super Bowl." Crazy, crazy good Jesus. I always figure that this is the time he won't intervene. Thank goodness I'm always wrong. Thank goodness I am such a wretch.



Stuart just left. I know I've probably been sadder to see someone go, but no incident comes to mind at the moment.

I love my church.

I purchased Amnesiac (Radiohead) this weekend. I think I will like alot, as I should since I ending up spending $22 to acquire it.