Went to Bed Yesterday: 1:00 Woke Up Today: 11:00 No Naps Yesterday o' Today

Very good day and very good evening. Just what I've been asking for. Thanks Jesus.


Went to Bed Yesterday: 11:00 Woke Up Today: 11:00 No Naps Yesterday

WOWZERS! I got a digital kamera for Christmas! I didn't even ask for one. I didn't even think to ask for one. I hear Jason knew about this . . .

I will therefore post me some pictures with my entries. Hopefully I can figure out how.


Went to Bed Monday: 1:00 Woke Up Tuesday: 10:15 No Naps
Went to Bed Tuesday: 1:30 Woke Up Wednesday: 11:00 No Naps

I can't think of what to post, maybe it will come to me later this evening.


Went to Bed Sunday: 12:00 Woke Up Monday: 10:30 Thirty Minute Nap

Good Things About Jason*: He scares people. There is nothing else he likes about himself. He wants nothing for Christmas.

Good Things About Stuart*: He is not a metrosexual. He has finally begun to appreciate Radiohead. He owns a Mac. He wants a compactdeesk for Christmas.

*All good things were submitted by persons mentioned


I would like to learn to play a viol family instrument.
Went to Bed Thursday: 1:30 Woke Up Friday: 10:30 No Nap
Went to Bed Friday: 12:30 Woke Up Saturday: 9:30 No Nap
Went to Bed Saturday: 11:30 Woke Up Sunday: 9:30 No Nap

Three not so great days.


Went to Bed Tuesday: 1:30 Woke Up Wednesday: 3:20 AM Four Hour Nap
Went to Bed Wednesday: 3:30 Woke Up Today: 11:47 No Nap

Wednesday: Went to Atlanta. Came back from Atlanta. Saw Return of the King at 11:00 at night. My word, long day.

Thursday: Doctor's appointment. John Stuart Clark, Jason Aaron Windsor, and Jason's brother Matthew are sitting in my living room. I will have more to say about it when they leave.


Went to Bed Yesterday: 1:30 Woke Up Today: 11:26 Two Hour Nap

I have to wake up in less than three hours.

Lovely, lovely evening, with the exception of John's dirty dirty mouth. It was a very friendly time. My sincerest apologies to Jason as he was friendly too.

On Conan, the voice they use for Saddam Hussein is the same voice they use for Triumph the Insult Dog.


Went to Bed Friday: 1:30 Woke Up Saturday: 6:30 No Naps Saturday
Went to Bed Saturday: 12:00 Woke Up Sunday: 7:30 Hour Nap
Went to Bed Sunday: 12:00 Woke Up Today: 9:00 Thirty Minute Nap

Nashy Nashy was enjoyable overall. Cloudy and freezing, but enjoyable. The combination of music, a group of greater than 2, and lots of time in the car made me think think think. I have come to a few conclusions.

1. I need to marry someone who appreciates what I appreciate and vice versa. I don't see how I could be happy with someone who thought the Opryland Hotel was the be all end all of accommodations. It's interesting but it's impersonal. Similarly, I just don't think, deep down, that I could respect someone who didn't get the music I liked or was satisfied with the selection he found on the radio. Ditto for Applebees.

2. I am sick and tired of me. I want to do something that has absolutely nothing to do with me. Next semester, I have to get involved in something. I'm thinking about doing Young Life in Nashville. My friend Brandy, from Midtown, has invited me to come to her club and see how I like it. She's also said she'll set me up with the Area Young Life director and talk about what I want to do and what Young Life needs.

3. The things I love are also the things that break my heart. The sermon this Sunday was about being the person God created you to be, pursuing the things that he placed in your heart to adore. The things that leave me speechless and thinking there could be nothing better are also the things that catapult me into depression. I can't figure out if this means I don't really love them or just that despair only shows up because I'm not connecting my loves with God's purpose for them.

If Jesus would like to put his two cents in, I would greatly appreciate it.


Went to Bed Thursday: 2:00 Woke Up Friday: 12:00 No Naps Friday

This evening the friends Green Bean'd it. As usual, Jason and Stuart, and therefore Nate, decided that it would be way too kind to hang out with people that want to hang out with them (i.e. myself and others) and so they . . . went their own way (not the way of Lindsey Buckingham, just in case anyone was wondering). Maybe one day I will be cool enough to warrant a friendship instead of sarcasm.

Nashville calls very early tomorrow morning. I guess Nashville calls very early today.


Went to Bed Yesterday: 12:30 Woke Up Today: 12:26 No Naps Today

Today I got to eat Easy Cheese. It was yummy. I also would like to eat at the restaurant called Tummy Yummy on Aycock. I also washed Lauren's hair. I also went to Krispy Kreme and played Phase 10. I liked playing, as did Lauren and John, but Jason did not. Jason is a big fat ugly girl


Went to Bed Yesterday: 2:00 Woke Up Today: 12:36 No Naps Today

I have nothing to say. I didn't want to forget to post my sleeping habits.
Went to Bed Monday: 1:30 Woke Up Tuesday: 12:58 No Naps Tuesday

Sometimes I question the wisdom of God giving us the ability to have emotions and make decisions. If there was a poster in some kindergarten room somewhere that was keeping tally of the good things I've done with the gift of will and feeling and the bad things I've done with it, there would be like two gold stars (the good things) and about four million and twelve black spider stickers (the bad things).


Offically No Naps Today

The season finale of "Average Joe" was on tonight. Hallelu, hallelu, hallelu she picked the better guy: the hot guy. He wasn't better because he was hot. He was better because he was better. The attractiveness was just a plus. Don't tell anybody that I watched "Average Joe."

Went to Bed Yesterday: 1:00 Woke Up Today: 12:30 No Naps As of 3:48

I have found a new good-wedding-song. If I got married tomorrow, I would dance to "No Saint, No Prize" by the entertaining Robinella and the CCstringband. Stuart told me once that he was going to dance to a special version of "Go Your Own Way" (Fleetwood Mac) sung by Lindsey Buckingham. He does not remember this conversation but I know it took place.


Went to Bed Yesteday: 1:30 Woke Up Today: 10:50 15 Minute Nap
Went to Bed Friday: 12:30 Woke Up Saturday: 10:30 No Naps
5 Minute Nap Friday

oh lord/oh please/don't let me be/the girl that loves the man/that loves applebees

Little Jason and I saw Elf last night. It was actually not bad. Zooey Deschanel was in it. I have no idea what else she's been in, but, by golly, the girl can sing.

Jason has also chastised me for not linking the things that I mention, so on my honor I will try to link things.


Went to Bed Yesterday: 2:30 Woke Up Today: 11:11 No Naps Yesterday

Li'l Romeo has his own house. He is 12. He also has the least expenseive Mercedes, that little coupe thing. It has every extra known to man. Might I repeat that he is 12. He will not be able to drive this car for 4 years. At that time, he will not want to drive a 4 year old "cheap" Mercedes. Mull over that while you sip your Mint Melange.


Went to Bed Yesterday: 2:00 Woke Up Today:1:00

I can feel it before I'm even awake. I can run for a time, but the fog always catches up on the darker mornings and the evenings that follow. It's loneliness, but not the kind of loneliness a significant other can fix. At least I know that much. It's bigger and worse. At least I could get a poor substitute for a husband. There is no substitute for Jesus. Not even a pale one. I just sit around the house and feel like I was made for something significant. A smart woman would acknowledge this and begin a mighty pursuit. Not me. I don't know how to address it, so I let go and watch Jesus float away like a red balloon.


Went to Bed Yesterday:1:00 Woke Up Today: 12:00 No Naps Yesterday No Naps Today


So . . . yesterday Jason helped me make my vurry first blog. I like him almost as much as he likes himself. Just in case there was any doubt, he was the author of yesterday's post, not me.

I'm going to keep up with my sleeping habits so I can see if I'm actually getting better. I went to bed at 1:30 last night and woke up this morning at 12:30. No naps as of yet, but it is only 1:14.

I hope to brush up on some html so I can make my bloggie purdy.

I also hope that my Robinella and the ccstringband cd comes in today. I think I might really really like it. It would be nice to own a cd I really really like.


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